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Ranges of hydraulically wet pressed concrete kerbstones manufactured by Red Cherry are designed to complement block paving and at the same time serves as an ideal, attractive and versatile edge restrainti Curbing improves delineation of road edges and contributes to the appearance and safety of the road.

Flush Kerb

The flush kerb, so named for its right-angled edges and straight lines, are most seen in residential neighborhoods with light vehicular track. In such areas that witness heavy footfalls, the flush kerb allows a straight step down for pedestrians, thus making them less likely to trip over kerbs

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Bullnose Kerb

The bullnose kerb provides a soft edge restraint to the kerbstone, while continuing to maintain a right angle to the ground. When a crossing is required, normally for access to a private driveway or pedestrian crossing, a bullnose kerb sequence is used.

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Half Battered Kerb

One of the most widely seen varieties world- wide, the half battered kerb is a cost effective and extremely popular kerbing solutio. Its main function is to warn motorists of being too close to the edge of the carriageway.

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Splay Kerb

Splay kerb provide that finishing touch to complement developments where the kerb is both a functional item and critical design feature. The purpose of the splay kerb is to allow access to vehicular traffic over itself. For safety reasons, these are not used when a footpath is present.

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