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Concrete Pavers manufactured by Red Cherry are a special vibro compacted pre-cast product with wide range of attractive textures and colours to match the outdoor living space in the comfort of client's own designi A variety of colour choices and finishes allow to have unlimited possibilities to develop the natural beauty of the surroundings. It can be used for walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, airport or loading docks.

Holland paver

The Holland paver is one of the simplest and most widely used paver shapes worldwidei Prevalent from ancient Roman times, the rectangular shape is a timeless classic popular for its ease of use and versatilityi They are easy to pack and move and can be laid in a range of interesting patterns that work well in most scenariosi With a high degree of resistance to loads, Holland pavers are commonly used for areas with heavy pedestrian tracks and heavy traffic areas.

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Square Paver

A simple and popular paving solution, the Square paver is an economical paving range with a wide variety of applications. With a good resistance to load, easy to pack and ship, the Square shape offers great flexibility in design as they can be used in combination with other paver shapes such as Hexagonal and Rectangular to create a variety of interesting patterns. From conservatories to courtyards, the Square is a beautiful and practical paving solution for most paving needsi Square pavers are commonly used for walkways and pathways that witness heavy pedestrian tracks and light traffic areas.

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Zig-Zag Paver

Commonly preferred for its ability to perform in extreme conditions, the Zig-zag paver has always been a safe and reliable optioni Zig-zag shape provides some of the best interlocking characteristics owing to increased surface area on the sides. These pavers are more suitable for heavy traffic area.

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Terreno Paver

With bold lines and sharp features, the Terrano paver tends to make a statement when laid along with grass. The structural shape of the Terreno paver guarantees tremendous interlocking, ideal for use for water recharge to the ground enabling water harvestingi rass grows with ease in open areas creating elegant landscapes.

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Pasto Paver

A beautiful compliment to the lush greens of nature, the Pasto paver can be used for creating walkways and driveways in gardens, lawns and parks. A permeable paving system, Pasto pavers protect the turf they encircle while subtly enhancing the beauty of the surroundings.

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Regalia Paver

As the name suggests, Regalia pavers take their inspiration from the allure of cobbled stone pathways and the charm of quaint, English cottages in the country. Emulating the natural beauty of stone pavers with an aged, traditional look.

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Multee Paver

Named for the unique glint that the pavers display, Multee is a modern, universal paving solution suitable for most residential and commercial projectsi The visible glint comes from a unique ingredient used exclusively during the manufacturing process.

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